Never think of buying the first Apartments for sale Bangalore as investment

Published: 03rd August 2010
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Apartments for sale Bangalore

In these series of posts, I will try to put my experience of "trying" to buy Apartments for sale Bangalore. These tips typically apply for people buying their first house. Some of the general tips/gyaan would be useful for Apartments for sale Bangalore across the entire country.

• Fix your budget before seeing any property and stick to it at any cost (very difficult).

• Never think of buying the first Apartments for sale Bangalore as investment. It should only be considered if you want to live in it.

• Don't think of "tax-benefits" while buying your first house. It only comes into picture when you are buying a house in a city of non-residence. Otherwise the tax-benefits of home loans will be compensated by no HRA benefits.

• I have heard this a lot "Always go for big builders, since that assures less pain", this is a myth. Buying a house is a lot of pain and efforts; it does not matter much whether the builder is big or small. All builders are crooks and are out there to make money

• Getting a good Apartments for sale Bangalore is more luck than anything else. You got to be lucky to get a house without much Hassel

• Big brand names do not necessarily mean higher resale value. What matters more is the location and the construction quality.

• Flats do appreciate in value but only up to a certain point. Say the original price is 2000/- per sqft at the time of booking. It might go to 2500/- by the time the construction is over and you register it (2 years). From that point on, the appreciation slows down a bit because it is now a second-hand flat. It might go to 3000/- (5-10 years) if the location is good but that's generally the limit. After that the wear and tear on the flat bring the value down.

• Also the stories of astronomical price increase is in realty a myth. Imagine a 2BHK flat in say Bannerghatta Road (near IIM) costing 15 lakhs in 2002 (five years before) is now costing 70 lakhs (as per the market rate in the same apartment complex). But is that a real re-sale value of the Apartments for sale Bangalore? Do you think there would be any takers of the flat for 70 Lakhs when the same type of flat (in terms of quality/space etc) would cost me around say 30-35 lakhs near the same locality (Meenakshi Temple)? Since the real-estate market is on the upwards, a new buyer would always look at the new projects rather than buying a second hand flat. If the market goes down, then the projected cost of 70 Lakhs would also come down steeply.

When I came to Bangalore, the first thing that struck me is that everyone is (and literally everyone) is buying either a plot/flat or independent house etc. When you see so many people surrounding you looking out for Apartments for sale Bangalore 'investment opportunities' in housing/real-estate, somehow you are bound to get influenced. I was also caught into this 'rat-race'. The emotion that controls this rampant buying is the same emotion of human beings that plays a crucial role in stock-markets i.e. greed. I have heard so many stories of people buying flats at 15 lakhs few years back and the same flat now said to be costing more than 70 lakhs. The biggest mistake people do while buying a house is "not researching enough". I got into the same trap, but thankfully got out of it just loosing 10 K Rs (cancellation of booking amount).

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